Sewer, Garbage, Recycling

FYI:  On November 6th, 2017, the 118 Compost Site will change it's closing hours from 7pm to 6pm on Monday, Tuesdays and Fridays.




For information on the SR118 compost site, please see this link:



DAMA effective the week of February 20, 2012 will change the collection of recycling from every other week to a weekly collection. The recycling format will remain single stream, however, you will now be able to place all your recycling to include paper, glass, plastic and metal cans, curbside in the same container for collection every week.

Sewer, Garbage, Recycling and Sewage Enforcement are handled by:

Municipal authority representatives:

John Oliver
Timothy J. Carroll

Dallas Area Municipal Authority (DAMA)
530 South Memorial Highway
Shavertown, PA 18708-9603

Calendars available at the Dallas Borough Office 25 Main Street.