Road Department

Completed Street Sweeping:

The following roads have been swept:

Mill Street                    Franklin Street                    King Street

Foster Street                Ridge Street                       Spring Street

Woodlawn Avenue          Rice Street                        Lehman Avenue

Wellington Avenue          Norton Avenue                   Pinecrest Avenue

Lincoln Street                Orchard Street                   Maplewood Avenue

Davenport Street           Parrish Street                     Jackson Street

Park Street                   Hunt Street                        Moffitt Street

Charles Street               Baldwin Street                     Parsonage Street

Elizabeth Street            Sunset Ave                          Joseph St

Highpoint                     Red Ledge Drive                   Lower Machell Ave

Sterling Ave                 Split Rail Lane                      Luzerne Ave

All of Deer Meadows       Burndale                             Village Green

Village Circle                 Susquehanna                       Columbia

Wyoming Ave                Baker Lane                           Wooded Lane

West Center Hill Road      All of Stonehedge




Road Resurfacing: Norton Avenue


Dallas Borough Road Department plans to overlay pavement on Norton Avenue prior to the end of the 2017 paving season.


Road Resurfacing: a portion of Machell Avenue


Dallas Borough Road Department plans to overlay pavement on a portion of Machell Avenue prior to the end of the 2017 paving season.  (Pinecrest Avenue towards Deer Meadows Drive, approximately 1500 feet.)


Notice to Property Owners/Pave Cut Regulations


This notice is to inform the residents that once the street has been resurfaced the Borough will not approve any roadway cuts or utility pavement cuts (other than for emergencies underneath the roadway) for a period of five (5) years.


Should you be considering the installation of water, gas or other utilities, repairs, or improvements, please be advised that any and all cuts to the roadway will be required to be completed prior to the street resurfacing project and then prohibited for the five year moratorium noted above.


Please call the Dallas Borough Administration office at (570) 675-1389 for more details on the project or questions relative to the road cut moratorium. Thank you.











(570) 674-5362

Frank Kus(Supervisor)
Jamie Barlow
Frank Stanish (part-time)
John Williams (part-time)