Dallas Borough


Spring Street Sweeping Program

Streets swept as of 3/25/20:

Baker, Wooded, Monroe, Wyoming, Columbia, Susquehanna, Lackawanna, Luzerne, Burndale, Village Green, Village Circle, Sterling, West Center Hill, and all of Stone Hedge.

Mill, Foster, Woodlawn, Wellington, Lincoln, Orchard, Franklin, Ridge, Rice,  Norton, Lehman, Spring, King, Pinecrest, Maplewood, Crescent, Birch Hill, Water, Red Ledge, Davenport, Parrish, Jackson, Park, Elizabeth, High Point Acres, Sunset, Joseph, Hunt, Moffett, Medfield, Charles, Split Rail, Machell, all of Deer Meadow, and Huntsville.


As the spring season quickly approaches, the Dallas Borough Road Department will begin our annual Spring Street Sweeping.

The Road Department requests that Borough residents follow a few simple instructions to assist the Road Department staff in the collection of road cinders and materials deposited throughout the winter driving season.

  • Rake cinders out to the side of the road in even layers and avoid large piles.  Under no circumstances should cinders be swept into the stormwater catch basins.
  • Do NOT fill containers with cinders in excess of 20-25 pounds.  Heavy containers will not be picked-up.
  • Do NOT include rocks, tree limbs, yard or animal waste with the street cinders.

After the street sweeper has been to your street ONCE, any remaining cinders need to be placed in containers for pick-up.  Questions pertaining to this announcement should be directed to the Dallas Borough Administrative Office at (570) 675-1389.

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