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Yard Waste Ending/Fall Leaf Pick Up Schedule

Dallas Borough Curbside Yard Waste Collection & Fall Leaf Pick Up Schedule

The last scheduled pick up for the Dallas Borough curbside yard waste collection and recycling program will be October 27, 2020. If you have additional yard waste to be recycled beyond that date, you can drop it off at the composting facility located on State Route 118.  Please contact DAMA at 570-696-1133 for hours of operation.

The 2020 Dallas Borough Fall Leaf Collection Program will begin the week of November 9, 2020.  Our Road Department will bring the leaf vacuum to each street in the Borough one time during the collection program which will continue to the end of November or until the first significant snow event of the winter season.

If the leaf vacuum truck has already been on your street, residents must bag leaves for pick up at a later date.  Do NOT rake leaves out for curbside pick-up after the leaf vacuum truck has already been to your street.

The Borough asks that our residents comply with the following leaf collection guidelines:

•    Leaves only (no grass clippings or other yard waste) should be raked to the curbside for vacuum collection.  The vacuum equipment will not function properly if residents commingle yard waste with the leaves.

   Residents are asked to please rake all leaves to the curbside in long thin rows approximately three feet wide.  Placing the leaves curbside in this manner will facilitate collection.  Do not place any items on the roadway or within gutters.  This will create a hazard for drivers and potentially block storm drains.

•    Residents that prefer to collect leaves and place them in plastic bags may do so by placing the bags curbside for pick-up.

Please contact the Dallas Borough administrative office at 570-675-1389 or the Road Department at 570-674-5362 with any questions concerning the Dallas Borough 2020 Fall Leaf collection program.  Visit the Dallas Borough website at www.dallasborough.org or call the Borough office to find out if the leaf vacuum truck has already been to your street.

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